THE 2B Mindset is the our program from Beachbody focusing strictly on nutrition & mindset! And I freaking LOVE IT!

The system is created based on a healthy approach to eating that lets you feel full and satisfied while arming you with proven strategies that will help you co-exist with food in real-world situations, satisfy cravings, and anticipate setbacks before they even happen — so you can win the weight-loss struggle every single time. It’s been a HUGE game changer for me!

This is not a diet, it is a mindset.

Make no mistake, the 2B Mindset program can help you lose weight – happily – without feeling deprived or hungry, without exercising, without counting calories, or cutting out whole food groups. YES PLEASE!

The 2B Mindset addresses the number one issue with weight loss and weight management – food. Yes, exercise is critical for living a health, functional life, but as they say, abs are made in the kitchen!


You’ll get to eat A LOT!

You’ll eat delicious, comforting food in big portions. You won’t have to change HOW MUCH you eat, count calories, or follow a restrictive “eating plan.” Once you change your mindset, you can start saying “YES” to the food you love and STILL lose weight—even without exercise!

FINALLY, be in control of your eating!

No more mindless snacking or emotional eating. Once I teach you my proven strategies to shift your mindset, you’ll be shocked at your power to TAKE CONTROL of food.

With the 2B Mindset, you’ll be able to eat what you want and enjoy it, free of guilt.

Live your life and LOSE WEIGHT.

Go out to parties. Eat at restaurants. Sit down with your family to a big, satisfying meal. You won’t have to eat special foods or even feel like you’re on a diet ever again. Nothing’s “off-limits”—even dessert or a glass of wine. Once you put my simple principles into practice, you can just go on living your life and losing weight…happily!

2B Mindset is for those who:

  • Want to lose weight, but don’t like to exercise
  • Exercise but struggle with their nutrition and do not see the weight loss results they want
  • Love food, love to eat big portions, and love to feel full
  • Are tired of yo-yo dieting but want to maintain their lifestyle
  • Want an easy-to-follow way to lose weight without strict rules, like cutting food groups, counting calories or eating small portions
  • Cannot exercise due to injury/illness but want to lose (or maintain) weight through better eating habits
  • Have experienced emotional eating and want to be free from obsessing about food and feeling overwhelmed by food choices
  • How to recognize “false hunger” and instantly satisfy it…without eating a bite!
  • What to eat FIRST at every meal, if you want to lose weight
  • The daily habit that instantly gets you ready for weight loss whenever you try it
  • Why you should always order first when eating out at a restaurant
  • How to deal with any craving
  • Meals that you can eat in BIG portions…and still stay in weight-loss mode
  • Plus dozens of my proven weight-loss secrets for every eating situation

Learn all of Ilana’s secrets in 40+ quick videos.

Watch them at your convenience! This is EXACTLY the same advice I would share in 10 or more one-on-one sessions with her clients. But you pay less than half the cost of a single session…and get it all!

Here is how you will learn the 2B Mindset:

21 short and sweet videos help you learn my principles and proven strategies for sustainable weight loss.

Ask Ilana

5 videos that share my personal strategies for overcoming common weight-loss challenges and tools to conquer mindless and emotional eating forever.


15 of my family’s favorite meals, snacks, and sides. Simple steps, simple ingredients…and super-satisfying results!

Getting Started Guide
It’s a quick read. I give you simple steps to help get your weight-loss journey underway right away!

My Tracker
Take a few minutes a day to write down your weight and what you eat and drink, and you’ll soon see what a “weight-loss day” really looks like!

My Go-To Guide
All my key 2B Mindset principles—always at your fingertips—in print, online, or through the app.

Dozens of my favorite, delicious, satisfying, and totally healthy recipes that your whole family will enjoy.

Water Bottle
I always say, “More Water, More Weight Loss”—and this handy 30 fl. oz. bottle makes it easy to track!

The App
One-stop access to my entire 2B Mindset program—watch the videos and track your meals and progress right on your mobile device.

You’ll never feel hungry, because look at how much you get to eat!

I love good food—I love to eat lots of it—and on the 2B Mindset, so will you! I’m going to teach you that you can still eat the foods you love but in a purposeful way—so you lose weight—and I promise you’ll be full and satisfied. Just take a look at these yummy, healthy recipes…all included with the program!

I have been committed to becoming the BEST & HAPPIEST VERSION of myself EVER for the last several years, and now tackling my nutrition once and for all is my main priority over these next few months, and this program was EXACTLY what I needed to dial it in and finally “figure it out”!

I would LOVE for you to join me on my journey and it would make me so happy to be a part of yours!

We check in daily to stay accountable, for motivation & inspiration, to get tips and resources, share meal planning and prepping ideas, and to get that extra support to make our journeys fun and just that much easier!

AND you no longer have to “wait until Monday” or “maybe next month” or “next year”…you can START RIGHT NOW and I will be right there with you every single step of the way!


You can also pair this program with Shakeology…my daily superfood packed all natural (and super yummy) health shake! 

Interested in 2B Mindset? Want more info? ARE YOU IN?!?

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