It’s MY TIME to CRUSH it!

For the last 20 years I’ve supported Rob as he worked his way up the corporate ladder. He travelled every week while I stayed at home and held down the fort. 😉 I’ve been everything under the sun when it came to being a wife & mom...I volunteered for every single...

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Embrace The Struggle

At some point in life, you have to embrace the struggle and accept the challenge laid before you. I have been working on my health and fitness journey for the last few years and I've lost weight. I've gained weight. I've maintained. I've been thin. I've been fluffy....

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Rewrite Your Story!

We all have stories we tell ourselves about our health journey, relationships, our financial situation, our home, our abilities, our potential...some of them might be positive, but some not so much, right? It's time to rewrite our stories, one UPLIFTING &...

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