Livin’ Life Happy!

Hey there! I have learned a ton over the last 40 years of life about parenting, living the wife-life, being a business owner, and just adulting in general. I have had my struggles for sure, but I’ve always been able to keep moving forward. Remember this always.—> you have survived every single bad day you’ve had, right?!?! So keep pushing, you WILL make it through ~ I promise!

I was born in Hawaii, grew up in California and now live in the big ole state of Texas! I’ve taken care of my family, raised my kids and have been an entrepreneur for the past 21 years. I’ve had so many amazingly awesome experiences and cannot wait for the many, many more I know are still coming!

I have been with my husband, Rob, for 24 years. We have definitely had our ups & downs as most couples do, but I can say that we have an absolutely amazing marriage. He is my rock, my biggest supporter, and my best friend.My daughter, Kaylee, is 21 and killin’ it as one of the BEST hair colorists here in Dallas, Texas. My son, Robbie, is 17, a senior in high school and plays Tier I hockey. We are not sure where his college days will be spent or where his hockey career will take him, but I will definitely keep you posted!

I am so proud of my kids and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!

It has been a very busy last 21 years for us. Between dance & cheer, volleyball & basketball, football and hockey, its been crazy busy for along time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I truly believe that keeping your kids busy keeps them out of trouble, teaches them teamwork and creates a lifetime of memories and friendships.


Let your kids try EVERYTHING so they can find what they absolutely LOVE!


That Daily #momlife #wahm GRIND

I have been a dance & cheer mom, football & volleyball mom, baseball & basketball mom, and a hockey team manager. It’s been very rewarding, but also be very exhausting, stressful and time consuming. Rob has travelled 3-4 days a week since our kids were little, so I was pretty much on my own Monday through Thursday.

So for any of you single parents out there – I applaud you and praise you and am sending you all kinds of good vibes! Cuz that “do everything without any help sh!t” is HARD!

I knew when my kids were little that I wanted to work from home so I started my medical billing company from my kitchen table when Robbie was about 3. It has always been very important to me to work and make money. I was a “stay-at-home mom” for about a year…and it was awesome for about 6 months. I come from a hard-working family and it fulfills something in me to know that I can support myself and my family “by myself” if needed. For me, it’s about empowerment, security, and personal stability. And working from home gave me the best of both worlds – I became a work-from-home-mom! I built my business and raised my kids. Win-Win!

But this was a crazy time of my life. There were a few years where I was stuck on the HOT MESS EXPRESS! Believe it or not…I was extremely unorganized. I like to say that I am probably one of the most unorganized organized people you’ll ever meet. #truth

I need a to-do list. I need a plan. I need structure. I need reminders. I need a routine.

If I don’t have those things in place, I find myself right back on that HOT MESS EXPRESS! If I didn’t develop new habits and teach myself to be more organized and structured, who knows where any of us would be today!

I would still be forgetting everything. I would be late always. I would procrastinate.

When I started using a planner, making to-do lists, creating a routine, and setting goals with actual deadlines – my life changed forever. I was able to keep up with our obligations and had so much less stress and anxiety because I knew what was coming up and what to plan for. It was LIFE CHANGING!

Once I realized just how much less stressed I was when I had a to-do list made, a game plan in place – and started checking things off that list?!?!?! It was both EMPOWERING and ADDICTING!

And I kept that ball rolling as my medical billing business grew. I created systems and procedures that saved us time so we could be more productive in less time. And let me tell you…when you have to pay employees by the hour, you figure out how to be more efficient in your processes very quickly!

Creating schedules, keeping a routine, embracing habits to keep me on track, managing my time, and developing the mindset of taking action changed the course of my life. I think to myself often: what if I hadn’t jumped head first off of that Hot Mess Express? What if I continued on the road of being stressed, impatient, and un-happy?

Many times its just ONE DECISION that can change the course of your life. JUST ONE.


My first ever personal development book was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. And as much as I loved Oprah and Dr. Phil, self-help just wasn’t really “my thing”. But Oprah said to read it, so I did. And then I watched the movie – over and over and over again. It was our background noise throughout the day. That was my first taste of vision boards, positive thinking, and learning that you ABSOLUTELY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE by changing what you think, how you think and what you say to yourself. And I was hooked.

I became coachable. I started implementing. I set goals. And I got my sh=!t together!

If I hadn’t, maybe Kaylee wouldn’t have found the love of dance, or maybe Robbie wouldn’t have discovered how awesome he was at playing ice hockey. If I had been too busy, maybe the course of their lives would have been different as well. So you see? Getting it together wasn’t just for me. I needed to get it together for my family too.

If there was just ONE piece of advice I could give to you…it would be that you have to put yourself first. Be good to YOU so you can be good for others.
The busier you are, the more you need to get organized, manage your time, and start living on your own terms so you can do more of the things you LOVE to do…those things that make you HAPPY! And my passion in life has become helping you to do just that by sharing what I’ve learned because if it works for me, then it can totally work for you too!

LIFE IS GOOD and I can say without a doubt, that I am living life happy and am so excited for our future because it is going to be FREAKING AWESOME!

Can you relate to ANY of this?!?! Are we soul mates? I wanna know!

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