For the last 20 years I’ve supported Rob as he worked his way up the corporate ladder. He travelled every week while I stayed at home and held down the fort. 😉 I’ve been everything under the sun when it came to being a wife & mom…I volunteered for every single extra curricular thing my kids did, I was the taxi driver, I was the chore and homework nazi, I volunteered at their schools, I did the banking, cleaned the house, did the laundry, and kept everyone alive while trying to stay sane. It was my job to make sure they were where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, and had them fed and happy. And honestly, some days…fed and happy were the ONLY goals 😅 #momlife (I know you mommas understand that)

We are now in a totally different season of life. And as much as I’ve loved everything before, I am so freaking excited for the future ahead 👏🏻

And it’s officially MY TIME! It’s time for me to create my tribe, grow our empire, and CRUSH all the goals I’ve set for myself. I held a family meeting a few days ago, and explained what I wanted to do, my vision for the future, and asked for them to support me in the same way I’ve always supported them. And I have the best family ever so of course you know that answer ❤️

If you have big dreams…GO GET THEM! Ask for help from those around you and communicate YOUR VISION to everyone who will listen! For me…I’m creating a world to help others get happy and healthy, to help them find their confidence and step into the amazing person they were meant to be! I’m creating groups and content and structure to make the learning process as simplified as possible 🙌🏻🖤⚡️ I am on a mission and sky’s the limit when you dream big and are willing to work for it ❤️

I hope you’re having the bestest day ever and are crushing goals too! 💟

Charlani 💞

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