Do you struggle with staying consistent on your health and fitness journey?

Do you wish you had a game plan set in place so you know what to do and exactly how to do it?

Do you want a support system to turn to when things get tough and you start to struggle?



This was me and what I needed for sure. My online community (aka The STUDIO) will be your safe haven to ask questions, share things (struggles & triumphs) and to get that support & inspiration you need every single day.


Fitness + Nutrition + Support = SUCCESS!

We check in daily to stay accountable, for motivation & inspiration, to get tips and resources, share meal planning and prepping ideas, and to get that extra support to make our journeys fun and just that much easier!

AND you no longer have to “wait until Monday” or “maybe next month” or “next year”…you can START RIGHT NOW and I will be right there with you every single step of the way!

Here’s how it works:

FITNESS: There are tons of online workout programs you can choose from. They are short & sweet, most only 30 minutes a day – some just 10 minutes! Any fitness level welcomed from “Badass Beginners” to “Advanced Ass Kickers” and you can choose cardio, weight training, kickboxing, yoga, dancing…there are tons of options ! We also host a morning Zoom workout where we get online and workout together! When you get signed up, I will give you all the info because that’s an option for you as well!

NUTRITION: You eat whole, clean food & get an easy-to-follow Clean Eating meal guide that simplifies the process of choosing your foods and creating a meal plan customized just for you. You will add in one (1) daily, all natural, superfoods packed health shake to round out your new clean eating habits. (click here to learn more about Shakeology!) You don’t have to “guess” on what to eat or how much, or spend HOURS meal prepping. I will show you how to simplify the process and give you tips and resources to get you organized and make planning and prepping so much easier!

SUPPORT: I will immediately get you added into our online Success & Accountability group – aka The Studio! We are an awesomely amazing community with similar goals. We will help you with accountability, give you that support you need, and ENCOURAGE you to reach your goals! My online groups have been the biggest game changer for me – I keep going and I now have the tools I need to get back on track when I struggle! THIS GROUP IS EVERYTHING and it just gets better and better every month!

It’s simple. It’s virtual. It’s fun. You will reach your fitness goals.


You will have one-on-one support AND a fun group for even more support. We share lots of nutrition tips, recipes & meal ideas. And if you put in the work, you WILL tone & tighten your body in 30-45 minutes a day!

So many times week 1 and 2 are great. But by week 3 and 4 you feel yourself sliding back into your old ways. Week 5 rolls around and you throw up your hands and tell yourself that you are just destined to be this way forever. Is this you?

My Group is ongoing, meaning we don’t stop or take time “off”. This is a lifestyle change, not a 3-week or 30 day change. We are developing habits that we can use for the rest of our lives. That being said, we need support for the rest of our lives, right?!?!  😉

The biggest key is to develop the mindset that this is not just a temporary fix, but something we can implement on a daily basis! I look at this as something we can do for a lifetime, so once you’re in, you will have support as long as you want it so you can keep crushing your goals! I’ve been doing this for 4 years now…it’s absolutely a lifestyle for me! If I can do this…SO CAN YOU! 

Another amazing “perk” about doing this with me is our TRIBE! I’ve met some of the most amazing, inspiring & empowering people. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without them. And I can’t wait for YOU to be a part of the TRIBE as well! And I DO NOT take my job as your coach lightly! When you succeed, we all succeed, so meeting you where you are RIGHT NOW is where we will start!


For me, this system of “fitness + nutrition + support” was the game changer I needed to take back control of my life & get a grip on my out-of-control, unhealthy lifestyle. It’s not just about losing weight for me. It’s about working on myself and finding ME again!


When you start living a healthy life, you start living a happy life.

You truly can’t have one without the other!


Are you ready to start living a Healthy Happy Life too?

Got questions? Need pricing info? Shoot me a message and let me know you'd like more information! I am always HAPPY TO HELP!

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