Do you struggle with

Meal Prepping and Planning? 

Do you feel like you just can’t get it together in the kitchen?

If so, you are NOT alone… and I would love to help!

This Meal Prep GUIDE is packed full of tips and resources, my meal planning system and favorite go-to recipes. 


  1. Why is Meal Planning IMPORTANT?
  2. What is Clean Eating?
  3. Clean Eating GUIDE
  4. 15 Grocery Shopping Tips
  5. Meal Planning 101
  6. Meal Planning TIPs
  7. Buffet Style Meal Prep
  8. Container Meal Prep
  9. Mason Jar Salads
  10. Smoothie Bags
  11. BONUS: All About Juicing!
  12. Recipes & Resources

I’ve also included a Meal Planning Sheet with Grocery List for you! Take the stress out of meal prepping by getting organized and planning ahead! Download now and Happy Prepping!

XoXo ~ Charlani


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